Transactional Liability Claims Roadmap

At Mosaic, we know making a claim on your transactional liability policy may seem confusing. We also understand the importance of keeping the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on running your business. Here’s what to expect—plus some tips on how to navigate the process smoothly.

Discover & notification

  • I think I might have a claim. What should I do?

    • Speak to your insurance broker for advice.
    • It may also be useful to get input from lawyers — those who advised you on the transaction can likely assist.
  • Notify early

    • Notify us as soon as you have enough information to articulate a suspected breach or third-party claim. The information can be supplemented later if your investigation is still ongoing
  • Be comprehensive

    • We will need to know which representations and warranties are suspected to have been breached and how you have quantified your loss
  • Consider Quantum

    • Consider whether to seek expert input from a lawyer or accountant to assist with accurate assessment of your loss
  • Provide evidence

    • Include with your claim notification copies of all documents that support your claim

Next steps: What to expect from our claims team


    • We will review the information and documentation provided
    • We will respond promptly with questions or requests for further information

    • Once we have a response to questions/requests, we will investigate
    • We may appoint a law firm or other experts to assist in assessing issues of fact, law or quantum. This is a standard (not adversarial) step

    • We will issue a comprehensive response to the claim, outlining our views on the breach and loss

    • We will make payment of agreed covered loss


  • Be sure to read your policy terms and conditions and consult with your broker if there is any uncertainty. Some policies require you to obtain consent from us before taking certain steps or incurring costs.
    We will not refuse consent unreasonably.
  • Transactional liability claims can be complex, and the time it takes to conclude assessments will vary. We are committed to keeping you informed through the process and will work collaboratively with you and your advisors.
  • Our team has years of expertise in this specialty line of business, and we are dedicated to eliminating any barriers to a swift, fair resolution of valid claims.

Information on how to report a claim can be found in your policy documentation.

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