Syndicated Capital

Mosaic’s unique syndicated management offers an array of products underwritten alongside our Lloyd’s Syndicate 1609 via hubs around the world. Capital partners have the opportunity to tailor their engagement from whole-portfolio participation to specific products and target geographies, or an allocated ‘basket of risk.’

Mosaic’s underwriters leverage decades of experience in global markets across highly complex specialty product lines that exhibit growth, return, and volatility characteristics. All products also have a high technical barrier to entry. This approach avoids natural-catastrophe exposures, enabling standard property & casualty companies to diversify with specialty products that complement their portfolios.

In partnership with DXC Technology, Mosaic is deploying modern technology to inform underwriting decisions and share real-time data and analytics. Our focus on governance allows capital partners to share equal access to discerning risk selection performed by our seasoned team. Notably, the creation of syndicated placements allows partners to participate alongside Mosaic.