Our cyber incident response

Experiencing a cyber incident is frightening, but as a Mosaic cyber insured, you have access to the best experts when you need them most. We work with you to navigate unknowns, secure the best solution, and help your business get back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Call your region’s hotline to connect with our partner specialists:

For general cyber claims inquiries, contact cyberclaims@mosaicinsurance.com

Response & recovery

  • Cyber incident

    You experience or discover a security incident. Whatever its nature, help is at hand

  • Contact our experts

    Call your region’s hotline to leave a message. Our partner specialists will promptly respond

  • Provide details

    The specialist asks a series of questions to gather details and help you navigate the problem

  • Make a plan

    A team of pre-approved experts is retained to enable you to quickly resume operations

  • Issues resolved

    Attorneys provide details and update us regularly. You can get back to your business

Get to know us

Don’t wait until an event happens. Plan ahead and contact our Claims Team to help you onboard, answer questions and offer advice, as soon as you become a Mosaic client.

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