THE ASTA INTERVIEW: Blaze ’n’ Wheels

July 7, 2021

In this Asta interview, we talk to “Blaze” and “Wheels,” a.k.a. Mitch Blaser and Mark Wheeler, the co-CEOs of Mosaic. As well as telling us the story behind the Mosaic name, they explain what it means to eat your own cooking, why third-party management is the ideal platform for Lloyd’s start-ups, and how we should all be looking towards Asia for future growth of the insurance industry. We also discover Mitch’s not-so-secret BBQ marinade, his love of cricket (or is that croquet?), how COVID-19 affected life in Bermuda, and why, with Mark by his side, he’ll never walk alone. And last, but not least, we hear Mark’s anguish at not being able to witness in person yet another Welsh Rugby victory over the old enemy…

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