The Political Risk Podcast with Mosaic Co-CEO Mark Wheeler

Episode 8: “China Taiwan crisis scenario” features guests Mosaic Co-Founder & Co-CEO Mark Wheeler and Dr. Zeno Leoni, a lecturer at King’s College London Defence Studies Department and author of “Grand Strategy and the Rise of China.” The conversation is moderated by the podcast series creator and host, Dave Benyon.

Tensions are high between China and Taiwan. The risk of conflict has been a live wire of Asian geopolitics since China’s civil war ended, and Taiwanese elections in January 2024 could be the next flashpoint. The economic costs of a Taiwan crisis are frightening to consider. In early 2023, Lloyd’s undertook an RDS-style data collection exercise to gather exposure data to the risk of just such a conflict. A “Quarantine” scenario generated greatest interest, focused on hybrid warfare, combining maritime blockade with air, space and cyberspace, to squeeze Taiwan’s economy and coerce its US-backed government into reunification.